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Official Moonrocks Dispensary was founded in 2015 with the aim of producing real stoners with quality moonrocks weed strains and other related products. We are a registered licensed cannabis dispensary located in Los Angeles, California – USA. We encourage open-minded curiosity surrounding cannabis. Our focus is on conversations on cannabis and its consumption to push innovation and knowledge and advocate for the decriminalization of cannabis and related products. Moonrocks Dispensary is more than your average cannabis dispensary, as we deal with the best quality and most potent weed strain for stoners. It is our goal to share our knowledge about cannabis and incorporate it into your life in a way that fits your lifestyle.

MOONROCKS DISPENSARY offers clean, simple, and cutting-edge ways to consume high-end, Moonrocks marijuana products. In 2016, we introduced one of the first cannabis vaporizer pens to the medical market. Today we offer a wide range of Moon rocks products containing 100% pure, organic cannabis. Our menu products include the Moon rocks Strains, Moonrock Cartridges, Edibles, Moonrock Prerolls and Others. We also carry several top selling Moonrock brands such as The Caviar Collection. Dr. Zodiak’s Moonrock, Caviar Gold Moonrocks, Canna Cavi Premium Moon Rocks, Bassrocks, Astrorocks, Spacerocks and many more. 



At Official Moonrocks Dispensary, be rest assured you get to meet and interact marijuana enthusiast and experts who are willing and available at all times with the mission is to “Educate, Advocate and Elevate.

We educate marijuana stoners on the usage and benefits of cannabis in the human body and everyday life. 

We also push the fight against decriminalization of cannabis and the war on drugs and assist in establishing policies which favors marijuana consumption.

Our priority is to ensure the spread of and consumption of quality cannabis (moonrocks) products within the 50 states of USA and the world at large

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