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What Are Moon Rocks And How Do You Smoke Them?

Moon Rocks are among the most potent cannabis consumables. If you’re looking for a powerful cannabis experience, Moon Rocks are a great option, and if you get Delta 8 Moon Rocks you can expect to enjoy this powerful relaxing experience without suffering paranoia.

What Are Moon Rocks?

A Moon Rock is a cannabis flower bud dipped and sprayed in distillate oil then rolled in Kief. Whereas flower bud on its own is fairly dry, Moon Rocks are a bit stickier due to the oil that they are infused with. The oil is a concentrate of cannabis–oftentimes CBD oil which helps balance out the high with body relaxing properties.

Moon Rocks get their name because of their appearance. If you cut one in half, it looks like an extraterrestrial planet. You might also say smoking Moon Rocks gets you higher than the moon!

Many cannabis lovers crave the strong terpene flavors of Delta 8 Moon Rocks, which can vary depending on what strains they’re made with.

Buy Moon Rocks Weed Online

How Do You Make Moon Rocks | What Are Moon Rocks?

There are many ways to make Moon Rocks, and they can vary in terms of strains, potency, and flavor. You can make your own Moon Rocks at home, but without proper equipment it’s hard to reach the quality you would get from a Moon Rocks wholesaler or distributor. What Are Moon Rocks?

The first most common problem with homemade Moon Rocks is not using the right amount of oil. Too much oil, and it will be harder to light your Moon Rocks and you won’t be able to smoke them properly. Not enough oil and the Kief won’t stick, and you won’t have a true Moon Rock.

This directly relates to the second problem which is inconsistency. When it comes to powerful cannabis experiences that smoking Moon Rocks can provide, it’s important to know what you’re getting yourself into so that you don’t get caught off-guard.

A third less-common issue with homemade Moon Rocks is unwanted additives. This could be due to someone making What Are Moon Rocks in an unsanitary environment, or the fact that you never know what people add to black market What Are Moon Rocks.

In any case, going with manufactured Moon Rocks is always your safest option both in terms of your safety and making sure you get your money’s worth. At Official Moonrocks Dispensary, we follow strict regulations and guidelines when it comes to manufacturing Moon Rocks which ensures all of our products are quality controlled and designed to give you a great experience.

The Moon Rocks for sale on our website are made with Superwoman CBD flower, infused with Sour Diesel terpenes and our signature Delta 8 distillate, and rolled in CBD kief. This gives our Moon rocks a pungent and earthy flavor that helps you feel relaxed in your body and grounded in your mind.

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How to Smoke Moon Rocks | What Are Moon Rocks?

What Are Moon Rocks

The most common and popular way to enjoy Moon Rocks is to smoke them, but don’t put them in your grinder or roll them in paper! Moon Rocks will likely clog up grinders and do not burn quickly enough to last well inside any sort of paper smoking vessel. Therefore it’s always best to smoke them in glass (such as a pipe, bowl, or bong) and mix with regular flower so that you can have an even burn.

Simply stuff your glass piece with flower and then put a small chunk of Moon Rock on top before lighting. Hold your lighter over the What Are Moon Rocks until it sizzles and starts to melt but not so close or so long that it catches fire. Do not touch the Moon Rock or you will get burned! What Are Moon Rocks

Just as it starts to sizzle, you can start to inhale from your piece. Some advanced users like to keep the flame over the Moon Rock as they inhale, so that they can get as much out of the Moon Rock as humanly possible. This will also allow you to inhale more smoke at one time, so be careful. Even those with iron lungs are prone to coughing uncontrollably, and one hit can get you pretty high pretty fast.

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Why are Moon Rocks so Expensive | What Are Moon Rocks?

Moon Rocks are expensive because of their potency, but also because it requires a considerable amount of skill and equipment to make the best Moon Rocks.

Although Moon Rocks are expensive, you probably won’t go through your supply of Moon Rocks as quickly as you do flower. This is because you can use Moon Rocks in small doses at a time–even if you plan to smoke a lot or are sharing with friends, you don’t want to use your entire Moon Rock all at once, or it will burn out before you have a chance to use it. Instead, pack your bowls light so that you can conserve your Moon Rocks For Sale and also get high more gradually. That way you can hit the perfect level and save the rest of your stash for next time.


Moon Rocks are revered by experienced cannabis users for their potency and taste, but some people avoid them because the effects can get overwhelming. But our Moon Rocks are different. The CBD helps balance out the energizing properties while the Delta 8 THC is generally known to be far less anxiety-inducing as Delta 9 THC. For an amazing, earthy and relaxing way to enjoy D8 cannabis. and you won’t want to pass up our Moon Rocks For Sale. See you on the Moon!

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